APG-88 Pro® Gard™ Fabric Protector


Price: $17.95
Product ID : SKU_16162


Features and Benefits

Pro®-Gard™ is our popular polymer based fabric protector. A coating that repels stains, soils, grime and eliminates static buildup on carpets, upholstery and fabrics. Pro®-Gard™ fabric protector is a special blend of polymers that surrounds each individual fiber of the material with an invisible shield and protects against oil, dirt, grime and stains. Protects against spills from products such as coffee, soda, milk or similar liquids or solids. Its fast drying, non-chlorinated solvent is safe for all automotive fabrics and protects the surface without affecting the texture or flexibility of the fabric. Even when spills penetrate loose weave fabric, they are easily blotted up clean, since each fiber has already been treated.

Recommended For

Designed for use on all natural and synthetic fabrics to help repel water, oil, dirt, grime and stains. Pro®-Gard™ fabric protector is excellent for use on all fabrics and velour seats, carpets, trunks and upholstery. Use around the auto, home, office or anywhere a fabric protector is desired.

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