AUC-201 Undercoating


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Features and Benefits

PRO®s newly reformulated AUC-201 Undercoating is the clean and easy way to apply undercoating. Because it is an aerosol can, there is no need to use a spray gun and there is more control during application. AUC-201 Undercoating is a sound deadener and rust preventative that helps eliminate road noises when sprayed on the underbody and carriage. Unlike other undercoatings, AUC-201 Undercoating will not run, sag or pinhole during normal application. Rust proofs and stops corrosion from the inside out. AUC-201 Undercoating sprays evenly, easily and dries quickly, leaving a powerful film that is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and low temperatures. AUC-201's high grade formula is rubberized, so it is paintable. Every can empties completely - good to the last drop!

Recommended For

AUC-201 Undercoating has become a favorite of body shops and used car lots. It is perfect for retouching after body work. Use to touchup and protect frames, rocker panels, fender wells, firewalls, hoods and gas tanks. Also, use AUC-201 Undercoating to close seams, as a chip guard, hide rust, reduce road noise and waterproof the vehicle.

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