C-60 Super Car Wash™


Price: $15.95
Product ID : SKU_16201


  • Thick, High Sudsing Shampoo
  • pH Balanced Formula
  • Won't Remove Wax or Sealant
  • Free Rinsing
  • Pleasant Floral Fragrance
  • Gently Washes Away Dirt, Oil & Road Grime
  • Concentrated 100:1 For Economy
  • Biodegradable, Nonflammable

Features and Benefits

Super Car Wash™ is a thick, high sudsing, biodegradable auto shampoo that whisks away dirt, grime and road film quickly and safely. Super Car Wash is free rinsing, quick drying and leaves a pleasant floral fragrance. Super Car Wash™ contains built-in water softening and sheeting agents that effectively eliminate water spots and hard water deposits. Its pH balanced formula will not harm previously applied wax treatment or streak in sunlight. Concentrated 100-to-1 for economy.

Recommended For

Super Car Wash™ is the ideal car wash solution for all types of automotive finishes. Properly diluted, Super Car Wash™ safely and effectively removes dirt, grease, dust, bugs, road grime and film from cars, trucks, buses, vans, etc... Excellent car wash solution for detail shops, dealerships, motor pools, auto auctions and rental/lease agencies. Recommended for hand wash operations. Great for rollover car washes.

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