C-71 Bug Remover


Price: $19.95
Product ID : SKU_16151


  • Contains D-Limonene
  • Ready to Use
  • Safe On All Painted Finishes
  • Use With S-10 Bug Guard?
  • Spray On, Sponge, Hose Off
  • Removes bug & insect residue
  • Citrus fragrance
  • Great on grills, hoods and windows
  • Follow up with S-10 Bug Guard

Features and Benefits

C-71 Bug Remover is a ready to use solution used for the removal of bugs, bug juice or soft tree sap laying on the surface of autos. Bug Remover contains d-Limonene citrus solvent to soften and emulsify bug kill on front fascias, grilles, hoods, windows and mirrors so bugs and residue can be easily rinsed away. This citrus base solution is strong enough for the toughest bugs, yet biodegradable and gentle on the finish. C-71 leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Recommended For

C-71 Bug Remover is designed to quickly remove bugs, bug juice or soft tree sap from grills, hoods and windows. Recommended for autos, boats, planes, motorcycles and around the home. It will also be a welcomed addition to any car wash tunnel as a pre-soak cleaner.

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