P-21-P Swirl Eliminator™ & Polish


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Features and Benefits

P-21-P Swirl Eliminator™ & Polish is an important step in helping detailers attain more perfect finishes. This is a professionally designed product that works well on clear coats as well as other automotive surfaces. Tiny swirls are eliminated quickly with the smooth action of micro abrasives working in harmony with added waxes, oils, cleaners and silicones. Swirl Eliminator™ & Polish is a single product with results that make it a one step performer. This means that when you have prepared the surface with Swirl Eliminator™ & Polish you will have a swirl free, glass like finish remaining. Not only does it make the swirls disappear, but it also polishes the vehicle in one operation. It will not harm the delicate basecoat/clear-coat systems on the newer model cars. It can be used by hand to make it even more versatile. Swirl Eliminator™ & Polish can solve a lot of problems and should be a staple product in every detailers hands.

Recommended For

1) Painted surfaces that have been affected by swirls or compound scratches (3 step).

2) Finishes in need of gloss restoration after compounding (2 step).

3) Finishes that do not require compounding, but need a high gloss, protective shine (1 step).

Note: See P-21 Swirl Eliminator™ & Polish for Gallon size.

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