P-26-P Clear-Cut™ Compound


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Note: See P-26 Clear-Cut™ Compound for Gallon size.

Features and Benefits

P-26-P Clear Cut™ is a medium duty, machine cleaner formulated for use on urethane and water base clear coat (two stage) paint systems. Also works great on acrylic enamel & lacquer paints as well as high solid refinish clears. Removes 1200-1500 wet sand scratches, cobweb scratches and light to medium oxidation. Repairs finishes damaged by acid rain, fallout, chemical etching and other paint irregularities. Clear Cut™ buffing compound utilizes the latest developments in abrasive technology with a synthetic micro abrasive particle designed to provide a fast cut, yet is small enough so as not to scratch soft urethane finishes. Clear Cut™ buffing compound has a thick, creamy consistency that will not run on vertical surfaces. Contains no wax or silicone. Water soluble formula cleans up easy out of cracks and crevices by washing or wiping with a damp rag. Leaves a smooth surface ready for polishing or final finishing.

Recommended For

Body shops, used car dealers, detail shops and auto auctions. Designed for machine use to remove light to moderate scratches and oxidation, acid rain and fallout damage on factory clears, acrylic enamel and lacquer paint systems. Removes 1200- 1500 wet sand scratches, cuts out orange peel, dust nibs and other defects from fresh and fully cured refinish paints. There are no abrasives in P-26-P Clear Cut™ that will scratch the finish, so it is safe and effective for all types of paint systems.

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