P-33 Troubleshooter®


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Features and Benefits

P-33 Troubleshooter® is a product that has been a staple in the industry for years. Troubleshooter® is a sealer & color brightener formulated to overcome the problem finishes such as metallics, blacks, reds and blues. Mild cleaners remove compound scratches, swirl marks, light oxidation and cob webbing. It feeds the paint with the necessary oils to bring back depth and clarity, while carnauba and other waxes and polymers seal in the shine for long lasting beauty. New combinations of Carnauba Wax and lubricating oils allow the user to polish with no worries of bogging down or gumminess, due to climatic conditions. It cuts fast and cleans with ease. Troubleshooter® leaves a dry, hard, glass like finish free of buffer or swirl marks.

Recommended For

P-33 Troubleshooter® is designed for new car prep, used car reconditioning, removal of light oxidation. Recommended for hand or machine use. It works on single stage or clear coat paint with excellent results.

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