P-36 Cherry Finishing Wax™


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Features and Benefits

As the name implies, Cherry Finishing Wax™ is a high quality final finish/topper wax. This easy to use creme wax combines Brazilian Carnauba Wax and natural oils to produce an ultra rich, deep gloss shine. It is the final step in achieving that deep, clear shine. It will bring out the very best in any type of finish, especially dark ones.

Why is this wax different from our other finish waxes?

The first thing you notice is that it is a very oily product, possibly with an oil float on top. This is Ok. It shakes back in just fine. With Cherry Finishing Wax™, we use a cationic formulation that causes the oil phase to migrate to the outer ring in the emulsion. But this is good! The cationic plates the Carnauba Wax and instantly makes it water repellant. This is important to those who must wax a vehicle and send it back out into the weather immediately. This unique cationic carnauba formulation also provides anti-static properties and extended protection that lasts 3-4 months. Cleaning ability is minimal. This is a finishing wax - not a polish. It contains a small amount of micro fine abrasive that helps to remove any light contaminants.

Recommended For

Safe for all types of paint finishes - new and used. Formulated as a long lasting final finish wax for the discerning customer, it is designed for use on a pre-cleaned surface. Apply with an orbital buffer or by hand. Unless you are an experienced buffer, we don't recommend high speed buffing for your final finish, as it can produce swirls.

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