W-41 Yellow Wax™


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Features and Benefits

W-41 Yellow Wax™ is the grandfather to all paste waxes and has no equal for quality, beauty and long lasting protection on the market today. Made with the finest ingredients, Yellow Wax™ is a carnauba base paste wax designed for high quality final finishing. Grade #1 Brazilian Carnauba Wax (clear, hard, water proofing wax) is blended with a high gloss clear wax (claimed to be the highest gloss wax in the world) for added depth and clarity and another hard wax to bind to the finish for increased durability. Contains no cleaners or abrasives so there is no dust, powder or residue to brush out of cracks & moldings. Because there are no cleaners or fillers, use it sparingly. A little goes a long way. Provides a smooth, even spread that fills and levels fine scratches. Dries quickly and is easily removed. Leaves behind a deep, lustrous, clear shine that lasts for months. Ideal topping wax for all pre-cleaned surfaces. Yellow Wax™ can be layered to put down multiple coats of protection. Recommended for hand & orbital buffer application.

Recommended For

Yellow Wax™ has been proven safe and effective for use on all types of vehicles and paint finishes (light and dark clear coats, metallics, acrylics, lacquers, enamels, and water-base import paints). Formulated as a true final finish wax for the discriminating customer, it is designed for new or pre-cleaned surfaces, free of all oxidation and contamination. Great for new and used car get ready, customer cars, showroom vehicles, show cars, auction get ready and any pre-cleaned surface requiring the highest quality results. Recommended for hand & orbital buffer application.

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